oab spätsommerkollektion (vinyl edition)

oab spätsommerkollektion (vinyl edition)

As a small 12"-version we present on the 9. Broque - record 4 tracks, which you can also find in our big mp3-compilation which bears the same name. We begin with a dark  techno-track of Norman from the famous Stammheim Club (Kassel), followed by the funny experimental "Schmetterling und Eskimo” (Butterfly and Eskimo) from More Places, a live-projekt of Less and Zweileen from Erfurt. The next track is by Max Cavalerra from Munich, who is a common figure in the Broque everyday life and who we must divide meanwhile with the gentlemen from Karmarouge. The Headbanger piece of "Francis" known from Einmaleins, has a long history and is a project of Jonny, Schmeisser and Der Tietz, also from Kassel.

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01 norman killa of my heart
02 more places schmetterling und eskimo
03 max cavalerra planets
04 francis bronco freggl 
(w&p by themselves)s
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

date of release: 2007-09-17


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