good guy mikesh & filburt hypnopoint

good guy mikesh & filburt hypnopoint

Good Guy Mikesh is a 1man-pop&funk-show! There are many people waiting for a new record from him. And now he is surprising with something unexpected: a real raveslammer in his very own sound. It’s a cooperation with Filburt, who is also living in Lipsia. He is the maker of the Freezone record store and resident DJ of the “Conne Island” club.
There is also a crispy house-remix by Lars Sommerfeld on this record, who is usually releasing on TwoFaces, Fumakilla or Kurbel.
Map.ache is also a man behind the “Conne Island” club and presents us a fluid dub version.
And very very energetic: The track by Lucy & Rone (Meerestief, Parquet, Curle and of course Broque).

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01 original a
02 lars sommerfeld remix a
03 map.ache remix a
04 lucy & rone remix   
(w&p by good guy mikesh & filburt
and add. artists)
(mastering by tim xavier)s
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

date of release: 01.06.2008


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