internal sync song for dementia

internal sync song for dementia

Internal Sync are Jackspot and Calapez from Lisbon. They are releasing also on Datapunk, Klang Gymnastik and Kritik Records and the show will go on. 
The two guys have played in all major clubs in Portugal and will move to Berlin soon, to rock the clubs all over Europe.

Their sound is warm, melodic and absolutely for the floor. “Song for Dementia” has an uplifting monster-break and “Nova” spreads the party-flair of the south. Pelle Buys from Hamburg presents us his electric and melodic remix and Stefan Tretau performed in one night his fucking deep House-version.

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01 nova a
02 nova (pelle buys remix) a
03 song for dementia a
04 song for dementia (stefan tretau remix)*   
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(w&p by internal sync and add. artists)s
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date of release: 2007-11-26


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