035 oab spätsommerkollektion

oab spätsommerkollektion

In the late summer it is generally usual to enjoy the last sunbeams of the afternoon, to remember the experiences of the past summer in a round with friends and maybe let the one or the other photo pass. 
We from Broque.de were also away during the hot months and brought to you nice sounds from all world: Together with
Miki Parkinson from the Canadian Ottawa we visited Atesh K, an old acquaintance from Cyprus. In Lipsia Marlow & Claudia Nehls waited for us and treated us with an exclusive version of their last record on Moon Harbour track which is not available on vinyl. The choice citizens of Berlin, Pupkulies & Rebecca gave us an exclusive sample of their new album on Normoton and moved on to a gig of ggMikesh. Together with the aeronautique-guys Freund der Familie and polyfon-man TomTomGroove we drove to Erfurt and met with More Places, a project of Less with the voice of Zweileen. In the proximity of Munich we found Mr. Granlab, and moved on to Stefan Tretau in Mühlheim. With Internal Sync from Lisbon we went  on to the Hörspielmusik-man Norman to Kassel. Karmarouge Act Max Cavalerra also enjoyed playing sometimes with Alessandro Crimi from St.Gallen, so that it is not that long until we reached Lucy and Rone in Paris. Francis is by the way a project of Jonny, Schmeisser and Der Tietz from Kassel. Exclusively also the Rerelease of Jäger 90 from the Munich based label Pastamusik, escorted by the thuringian R.A.N.D. - and Playhouse-musician Lowtec, whose well-known Track we are offering now as mp3. And last but not least in Hamburg we joined the Einmusik-man Pelle Buys and Nils Hoffmann
It would be best if you would listen to the compilation in sequence. Be happy about the new music quality in 256 kbps. Consider please also our vinyl edition.  We are looking forward to feedback!

01 miki parkinson toys
02 atesh k before sunrise
03 marlow & claudia nehls
water (original mix)
     friendly licenced by moon harbour recordings
04 pupkulies & rebecca in between
05 ggmikesh shine (not available now)
06 freund der familie bounuts
07 tomtomgroove smoothy groove
08 more places schmetterling und eskimo
     now only avalaible on broque-lp009
09 granlab abendläuten
10 stefan tretau
     i want a girl who knows how to use a
11 internal sync for now on
12 norman killa of my heart
     now only avalaible on broque-lp009
13 max cavalerra planets
     now only avalaible on broque-lp009
14 alessandro crimi hyades
15 lucy and rone chocolate
16 francis bronco freggl
     now only avalaible on broque-lp009
17 jäger90 highway to brandenburg
     also available on pastamusik 04
18 lowtec get old
     also available on polyfon 03 & broque cd 01
19 pelle buys balance
20 nils hoffmann computer machen einsam
21 all together in a .zip-file

date of release: 2007-09-01


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As bonus we proudly presents the following video:


music by Max Cavalerra
(broque 024)
"Der Mensch und seine Gänsehaut"

produced by: 
Sparetimeproductions (Lipsia)

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