025 lowtec going nowhere e.p.

lowtec going nowhere e.p.

This month we are pleased to present you a EP from Lowtec. He is mostly konown from his publications on Playhouse and SOURCE record. Nevertheless, his own label Out to Lunch brings again and again new "pearls" to daylight. Lowtec is part of R.A.N.D.Muzik and lives in an age-old monastery in Schmalkalden/Thuringia. His music sounds originally minimum, extremely similar and moves between melodic Downtempo and preceding Housemusik. 

We look forward to your
feedback and wish a pleasant hearing session.

Artwork by Lowtec

01 going nowhere a
02 waste of time a
03 ked 69 a
04 formica a
05 flat dog a
06 all together as .zip a
(written & produced by lowtec)s

date of release: 2006-09-01


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